Eat with the Earth's Natural Rhythm

For most of history (and prehistory) people ate with the seasons. Berries and lettuces and other vegetables started popping up in the spring, different fruits, vegetables and grains were harvested over the summer and the fall, and root crops and stored grains carried people through the winter and into the next spring when the cycle started all over again.

With the advent of corporate agriculture, people have gotten used to being able to eat nearly all foods at nearly any time of the year. People have picked up on this again in recent years, realizing that they not only felt happier and more fulfilled eating seasonally, but they also greatly reduced their environmental footprint by avoiding much of the food that had to be imported from the other side of the world.

Our chefs love to find the freshest foods from farmers' markets and other local and regional sources, and use them to create delicious artisan dishes that satisfy your body's natural longing for seasonal foods as they satisfy your taste buds. The freshest foods of the season are always on the menu at The Balanced Kitchen.