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The Balanced Kitchen introduces the Balance Box a new approach to sustainable, healthy eating! Have restaurant quality meals delivered to your door or ready for pick-up each week. The Balance Box menu is 100% gluten-free and dairy-free, and you can always find some raw options.

To order:

Email your order to balancebox@gfreev.com

Phone Orders 312-296-8910

Fax Orders 312-649-0787

Place your order by Tuesday at noon for delivery or pick-up on Friday before 5pm.

Minimum order $60

Build your Balance Box with a selection of items from each week's menu.

Purchase a $120 package and receive 5% discount
Purchase a $240 package and receive 10% discount.
Purchase a $480 package and receive 15% discount.

Package may be spread over multiple weeks,
$60 minimum per weekly order, place order by Tuesday for Friday delivery or pick-up.

Order Date Delivery Date
May 19th May 22nd
May 26th May 29th

Due to Memorial Day weekend, the Balance Box menu will remain the same for these two weeks.

Menu for the June 5th delivery will be posted May 29th.

This Week's Balance Box Menu

Seasonal Selections


Spring Carrot Soup $5.00
Fresh carrot soup with sautéed carrot greens, celery and walnuts (contains tree nuts)

Raw Spring Rolls $9.00
Chard greens filled with sprouts, carrots, broccoli stems, young coconut meat and oranges, served with sweet chile garlic sauce

Tofu Bits $7.00
Tofu, tamari, scallions, daikon and peanut butter, baked and served with soy ginger sauce and a daikon salad with ginger, scallions, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil (contains peanuts, sesame and soy)

Smashed Potatoes $8.50
With a dipping sauce trio of fry sauce, creamy horseradish sauce and agave mustard (sauces contain soy)

Fruit Salad $5
Assorted fresh seasonal fruit sweetened with agave


Teriyaki Radish Cake $12.50
With sauteed carrots, wasabi parsnip mash and miso applesauce (contains soy)

Sesame Balsamic Tofu $10.50
With asparagus and roasted yam spears (contains sesame and soy)

Raw Celery Noodles $14.50
With cashew rosemary pesto and broccoli florettes (contains tree nuts)

Bacon Ranch Salad $12.00
Spring greens with tofu, tempeh bacon, carrots, sprouts, croutons and house made ranch dressing (contains soy)

Lasagna $14.00
Tempeh sausage, grilled squash and eggplant, marinara, soy basil ricotta cheese (contains soy)

with organic fair-trade sweeteners

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pack $5 (contains soy and brown sugar)

Golden Mini-Cake with Chocolate Frosting $5 (contains soy, evaporated cane juice and powdered sugar)

Carrot Mini-Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting $5 (sugar-free agave cake, frosting contains evaporated cane juice, contains soy)

Raw Strawberry Pudding, Apple Coconut Cookie and Bananas $6 (sugar-free, sweetened with agave)

Peanut Butter Brownie $5 (sugar-free, sweetened with maple syrup, contains peanuts)

Balanced Regulars

Thai Curry $13.50
Tofu, shiitake mushroom, onion, carrot and bell pepper in red coconut curry sauce with coconut basmati rice (spicy, contains soy)

Big Salad $12.00
Spring greens with chef's selection of fresh produce, nuts, tofu, sprouts and more with choice of ranch, carrot ginger or balsamic vinaigrette (may contain peanuts, soy, tree nuts and corn)

Kitchen Chili $6.00
Classic chili with beans and vegetables, served with cornbread (cornbread contains corn and soy)

Raw Ravioli - $7.50
Thinly sliced beets filled with cashew cheese, served with orange supremes and sprouts (contains tree nuts)

All items available separately; sauces and toppings are single portions

Two Personal Sized Pizza Crusts $6.50

Pistachio Soy Cheese $3 (contains soy, tree nuts)
Cashew Cheese $3 (contains tree nuts)
Tomato Sauce $1.50
Garlic Oil $1.50

Toppings: $2.00 each
Grilled Tofu
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms
Grilled Squash
Grilled Eggplant
Grilled Onion

Pantry Items

Mayo 4 oz $3.00
Salad Dressing 4 oz. $4.00
Balsamic Vinaigrette, Carrot Ginger, Ranch

Mu Tofu Block $3.00

Edenic Tempeh Block $4.50

Sprouts 2 oz $4.00
Red Clover, Radish

Look for this section to expand each week

Remember to place your first order by May 19th!

email order balancebox@gfreev.com

Phone Order 312-296-8910

Fax Order 312-649-0787

Pick-up order at:
The Balanced Kitchen
1103 W. Grand Ave.
Chicago IL. 60642

(Wholesale location, no restaurant seating available)

Terms and Conditions
1. Payment in advance by check, cash or credit card.
2. Order must be received by 12 noon each Tuesday.
3. Prices not include sales tax.


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